1, investment inquiries

Telephone or online message to consulting projects.

2, field trips

Through the introduction of an investment adviser, interested in project, to Headquarters for field trips, negotiate with the project leader, and taste.

3, eligibility

Qualifications for investors, money store audit readiness, verify that fully qualified.

4, conclusion of contract

Both findings as well as contract no objection, confirm the contract and pay by bank transfer or in cash related costs.

5, site renovations

Headquarters location specialist to the site, to develop systems to improve the decorating scheme.


6, real shop practice

Learning management processes, in a real shop management, and system evaluation.

7, HQ training

Headquarters operating system technology, business management, sales, event planning training.

8, logistics and distribution

HQ, clothing, cutlery, plastic bags and other material delivery.

9, pre-opening

Store Manager free on-site shop guide, marketing team to manage the opening and sales planning.

10, operation guide

Later new upgrading services, technology upgrades, upgrade services, management services, and so on.

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