Image store support

Professional team of designers, one-on-one mentoring, assisting Terminal experience the full service of tailor shops, the best product space show to attract consumers. Build shop process, will follow up with the whole construction guidance, later to upgrade your store maintenance, is bound to create a first-class experience of local building materials market shop.

Marketing support

Marketing team help the dealers to establish a complete product system and display system and marketing planning system, provides the most professional marketing guidance. In terms of brand image, publicity and promotion to provide professional solutions, integration-related media resources, channel resources for publicity and promotion for meticulous, systematic marketing, help dealers market development.

The operation of ancillary support

National distributor of the General Assembly on a regular basis, the Group's operational guidelines on development mode and strategy. Provinces and most influential dealers, to provide you with a clone of the successful models let you store more scientific and efficient operation. While providing product knowledge, Terminal Guide, marketing ideas, training, strengthening product knowledge and sales skills, supporting dealers establish and improve marketing mechanisms.


Exclusive driving

Follow the same principle of urban development within a range of, and strict protection, the agency authorized business licenses of CCP, the regional dealers in the area to enjoy exclusive rights. Meanwhile, strict prevention and control goods and punishment mechanism, promoting healthy competition, dealers 360° friends to provide all-round service.

Service management support

For each Distributor is equipped with exclusive one-on-one service consultant. Strong logistics team, product quality services, joint dealers and customers to manage, maintain, and achieved communication, to assist in resolving the problems in time and other aftermarket, facilitating work for dealer sales and establishing Viewgres brand reputation and good word of mouth.

Engineering support services

Products in the world with a large number of successful applications has accumulated rich engineering experience, and professional engineering services for construction project Viewgres offers comprehensive support and guidance.

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