Cellar building core values are:
  • Sense of —— is user-, himself a non-
  • Development —— spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Interest —— single-one win-win


"User is forever, himself a non-" sense is the pit building materials to create the user's power.

Pit building materials always user-is, not only to meet the needs of users, but also to create a user needs; cellar building materials always thinks that he is not only thinks that he is not in order to constantly deny yourself, challenge to reinvent —— achieve the bianzhi, change to win.

Two forms pit the inherent genetic characteristics of sustainable development of building materials: no changes due to changes in the world, and development times.

Such powerful genes cellar building material of each country's "two" (entrepreneurship and innovation), forming pits building materials maintaining a competitive advantage in the ever-changing market characteristics of core competencies: World hotly, user changes faster, longer tradition.


Two innovation spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation is the cellar building material culture the same gene.

Cellar concept of building materials the same gene is the concept of personal development guidelines and constraints on staff values. "User is forever, himself a non-concept of" gene requires that the individual possess two innovation spirit.

Entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship, cellar building materials encourages every employee should have the entrepreneurial spirit, from business to become independent and make the impossible possible, becoming their CEO;

Innovation is the essence of creating differentiated value. Differentiated value creation comes from the creation of new user resources.

Two innovation spirit's core goal is to emphasize the lock first competitiveness. Target unchanged, but should be open to achieve the goals of vision and effective integration and use of all resources.


Single-one win-win benefit is the cellar building materials and sustainable management of protection.

National pits of pit building materials building materials are all stakeholders, including employees, customers and shareholders. Internet times, pit building materials and subcontractors, partners to jointly form a networked organization, form a community of interests, win-win sharing to create value. Only if all the stakeholders continue to win, cellar building materials it is possible to achieve sustainable management. To achieve this goal, the cellar building continuing business model innovation, and gradually formed and perfect pit building materials characteristics of single-one win-win model, "man" that has the two innovation spirit staff "single" user value. Every employee in different autonomous body in creating value for users, so as to realize their own value, enterprise value and shareholder values be reflected.

Each employee by acceding to operate independently of the user contract, from management to autonomous management, from operations to make their own decisions, to achieve "autonomy, self-government, promoting the", which is full of human nature.

Single-one win-win model to provide equal opportunity, justice mechanism platform, played the two innovation spirit for each employee providing resources and mechanisms of protection, so that each employee can be in the form of self-organizing innovation, bianzhi, change to win.

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